Thursday, August 11, 2011

the intermission theme for august is STAR WARS


Rob Summers: Queen Amidala of Naboo
A quicky ink sketch of Padmé Amidala on bristol. i didnt know if i liked the black/white or a splash of color better, so heres both.
On the rOBPOD is AWOLNATION: Megalithic Symphony. I cant get over how sick this album is. Do your ears a favor and check it out

Rob Summers: Boba Fett
Thought i would bust out a quicky of everybodies favorite bounty hunter.
And for your view viewing pleasure i leave you with this:

Eryck Webb: Yoda

Whipped out while listening to Chronix Aggression net radio.
First time drawing yoda! The force is strong with this one me thinks!

Rob Summers: Darth Vader Chibi

A going away gift for jack man.

Geo Gant: Mace Windu

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