Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mega-vember was awesome

A special thanks to those who had a chance to participate. Hope it was fun to take a break from the norm. I love seeing the mix of styles and find it very inspiring. Hope you all do as well. Hopefully the turn out next month will be just as awesome. Happy holidays and congrats to those of you having those babies.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Main Theme for November is Mega Man

All ‘tooned up will be a monthly display of diverse artistic approaches to a central theme. Each month a new theme and a melting pot of ideas and imagery with the purpose of artistic inspiration. Members of the Toontastic Coalition are listed to the right with links to their personal sites. Please contact one of us if you would like to participate.

Herbert L. Richardson Jr.: Mega Man

Heather Burnside: Protoman

Karl Bailey: MEGA MAN

Eryck Webb: Mega Chik

Was enjoying the many posts by the artists here on the group.
Then suddenly had the idea that a sexy girl might look cute in the big helmet megaman getup.
Tis the results. And I was inspired by another poster to slap multiple color schemes on.

Geo Gant: Mega Man

Carolyn Pile: Mega Man


Eryck Webb: Mega Man
Never drawn him before. Was fun to do for fun in my freetime this morning. Sort of took my own approach/ style to him.

John Maxwell Burlingame: Mega Man

John Michael Vincent Barone: Mega Man

Carlo Rojas: Mega Man
Robert Summers: Mega Man
Just a little warm up sketch.

Takeia Dunlop: Mega Man

Rob Summers: Mega Man

This one was a quicky. Not sure if I love it, so i might come up with another one later if time permits. To all the new and old participants, looking good gang. This little art jam looks like it might blow up. Hope it brings everyone a break from your normal art monotony and a ton of inspiration.

Karl Bailey: MEGA MAN

Ben Rush: Mega Man

The Intermission Theme for November is UP UP UBI

All of these images are brought to you from one of the greatest rounds in Come Wit It! Artist Tournament history. Up Up Ubi and Notion comics are trade marks of
Andrew Augustin (DatBoi Drew).

Andrew Augustin: Up Up Ubi

Edward Dennis: Up Up Ubi

Geo Gant: Up Up Ubi

Truetotheart: Up Up Ubi

John Maxwell Burlingame: Up Up Ubi

Sean Balsano: Up Up Ubi

Carolyn Pile: Up Up Ubi

Juice Lee: Up Up Ubi

Robert Summers: Up UP Ubi