Friday, November 4, 2011

The Intermission Theme for November is UP UP UBI

All of these images are brought to you from one of the greatest rounds in Come Wit It! Artist Tournament history. Up Up Ubi and Notion comics are trade marks of
Andrew Augustin (DatBoi Drew).

Andrew Augustin: Up Up Ubi

Edward Dennis: Up Up Ubi

Geo Gant: Up Up Ubi

Truetotheart: Up Up Ubi

John Maxwell Burlingame: Up Up Ubi

Sean Balsano: Up Up Ubi

Carolyn Pile: Up Up Ubi

Juice Lee: Up Up Ubi

Robert Summers: Up UP Ubi


  1. Guess which one was drawn by someone who has never played a video game? I felt like I was clueless as to what they wanted until I saw the other guys' pieces.

    Thank you for being kind enough to showcase everybody's art. Even one that has about as much action as a game of Pong. :D

  2. Neat! How do we turn in the submissions of the month? This is my first time using a website dedicated to blogging. Have a good weekend!

  3. How do I become part of the Toontastic Coalition?